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Get ready to embrace STRONG & SEXY


By Women. For Women. 

As a Women's empowerment coach, my main goal is to help women achieve all their health and wellness goals while keeping their sexuality and feminity at their core. I have a background in pre-professional ballet and sex and mainstream education. This combined with my personal training and nutrition certification has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of what women need to achieve their goals in and out of the gym. 

I am going to be so much more than your personal trainer. 

What the girls are saying. 


I'm obsessed with vour meal plan for me. I have never been like let me cook and meal prep for the week' But now I am keen for a Sunday knowing I'm not only setting myself up for a success and organised week, but also fueling my body in the right ways. Here's to a week working in the sun and water but nourishing my body through food!! Will Co Studios (Abbey Wilkinson) is the best

Alison Jensen 


You are Such an amazing person, I really love working with you. Thank you for helping me make my health a priority. I am good at helping other people but not as good at making myself number one. 

Samantha Jane 


Your help has helped me level up so much quicker than coffee does :$

Ash Hutton 


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